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Sustainable sales with the formidable strategy of the content creator kit

  • This guide is a powerful tool, proven to work for professional content creators. Why not on you?
  • It’s true that when you’re trying to sell something online, your message becomes your best ambassador.
  • Today, you can more easily create impactful content on the net, Instagram, the web as much as on other platforms with the formidable strategy of this book.
  • You won’t have to run out of inspiration or exhaust yourself to produce quality content to impress your visitors and guide your buyers.
  • In short, you will design theme, which will help your undecided visitors to acquire your offer day or night.


Attracting customers without advertising with your content…

  • In addition to the rest, this manual also teaches you how to promote your offers without advertising.
  • No matter your level of content creation, this book will take you step-by-step through designing and delivering relevant, engaging, and salesy topic on Instagram and across the web.
  • The author has gathered for you the methods and tools she uses to create message for profit for brands on social networks like Instagram.


This guide is a complete and ready device to boost your income

  • By the way, the ALL-IN-ONE device in this ebook remains one of the most foolproof for creating content with the goal of marketing an offer on the web in general:
  • First, create effective message, even uninspired topic with the macro to micro content strategy.
  • Second, attract your customer with the ideal design and without advertising with inbound marketing.
  • Finally, get yourself to buy something with a catchy slogan and a sales text built on the foundations of storytelling and copywriting.


Get started with peace of mind with this content creator kit

  • Today is the time to start creating with confidence.
  • With this kit, you’ll know how to organize your ideas by selecting the ones that are essential to achieving your mission.
  • In other words, you’ll be able to grow your community as well as your client list by posting original and quality content on Instagram.


The benefits of this content creator kit

  • 01 You will learn how to design or improve your content strategy on Instagram and also elsewhere!
  • 02 This is presented as all the ways that work to come up with original ideas.
  • 03 Then, you’re going to make them highly qualitative and appealing with the goal of growing your community and your customer list naturally.


Included in this book “The Content Creator’s Kit”

  • – 4 foolproof content strategies to create relevant topic without inspiration.
  • – A complete guide for your promotional
  • – Dozens of exercises to give you confidence in your abilities
  • – 20 practical cards and diagrams to implement the methods quickly
  • – 32 ready-to-use ideas for your planning
  • – 30 easy-to-implement tips to boost your creativity, visuals and sales
  • – Much more to discover.



Characteristic of the book “The Instagram and web content creator kit”

  • Number of pages: 141
  • Format: digital book PDF
  • Illustrations: Yes
  • How-to sheets: Yes
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Topics covered: content creation, creativity, Instagram, web, blog, marketing, design, promotion, storytelling and copywriting.


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About the author of “The Content Creator’s Kit”…

  • Marlene Muka has been passionate about content creation for the past decade.
  • Now a blogger, this former computer scientist has worked as a digital consultant for small and medium-sized businesses and impact organizations.
  • Certified in marketing, she developed her expertise managing professional Instagram accounts for brands.
  • Now, she coaches content creators with practical resources to help them achieve their online goals.
  • Marlene happily shares tips on how to add value to your content creation on her blog www.cocreatives.ch and on these social networks.


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