Free guide – The 4 secrets of prosperity


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Free guide – The 4 secrets of prosperity

  • Prosperity in my finances even in the midst of crisis?
  • It’s true that I’m always surprised at how prosperous the year 2020 has appeared.
  • Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, new financial habits have allowed me to prosper in many ways.
  • Indeed, I am able to save for my various projects without depriving myself, to invest often in assets that are important to me, to pay all my expenses while enjoying myself.


  • The most important thing is that if it worked for me, it will work for you as well.
  • Just apply the principles in this simple yet effective guide to ensure success in every aspect of your life.


Digital Book Summary: The 4 Secrets of Prosperity

  • The definition of prosperity according to WIKIPEDIA
  • “Prosperity is a period of economic growth when the good quality of life for the entire population of the geographic area is described as prosperous.
  • It is the result of low unemployment, a thriving economy, political stability, available quality of health care, and a general appreciation by individuals of their condition.”


  • If I talk about this topic around me, I often hear that prosperity only exists for the wealthiest in the world.
    Those around me say that the economic and social context does not favor success in these finances.
    This is totally true, if I look at it from their point of view, so that’s why I chose to change my mindset regarding my finances.
    The moment I saw the positive in the times we are living in, a whole set of economic opportunities became accessible.
    This mindset allowed me to approach my personal challenges with more confidence.
    In short, I have been able to continue to buy at the best value, while enjoying the same pleasures I had before the crisis[…].


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  • Marlene Muka has been passionate about creating editorial content for the web for the past 10 years.
  • With a degree in computer science and a certification in digital marketing, she writes custom articles for various themes such as ethical fashion, natural skincare, emotional well-being or personal finance.
  • She loves to share her discoveries on her blog www.cocreatives.ch and find solutions to bring value to her readers’ lives.

















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